Rising Design

Dance Connecticut
Project: Dance Connecticut, LLC, www.danceconnecticut.com

Website design for a Dance Instruction company. The friendly look is welcoming to all ages and utilizes strong dark colors for an elegant presentation of the information. Rising Design also designed Dance Connecticut's Logo, Business Cards, and Postcard Mailing.

Dorsky Gallery
Project: Dorsky Gallery Curatorial Programs, www.dorsky.org

Website design for a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting contemporary visual arts to a broad public audience. The look utilizes clean lines and subtle colors conveying a modern feel and keeping consistent with the style of artwork. Rising Design also designs DGCP's exhibit Brochures, Handouts, and Postcard Invitations.

Project: EarthWhorls LLC, www.earthwhorls.com

Website design for a designer jewelry business. The look reflects and complements the rich textures of the materials used. Slideshows are arranged in 5 separate categories showcasing the one-of-a-kind designs. Rising Design also designed EarthWhorls' Logo, Business Cards, Promotional Postcards, Invitations, and Displays, as well as photographed all jewelry.

Hutchinson Group, Inc.
Project: Hutchison Group, Inc., www.hutchgrp.com

Created website graphics for a management consulting firm. The look is professional and utilizes high contrast and dark colors to convey strength. Rising Design also designed Hutchison Group's Stationery, Business Cards, and Presentation Folders.

Dance Connecticut, Dorsky Gallery, Earthwhorls, Hutchinson Group